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Fire Protection Company in Tampa, FL

Tampa’s Preferred Resource for Fire Protection & Fire Suppression Services

Fire protection systems protect your business, its physical assets, and, most importantly, your employees and the people who visit your building or facility.

Since 1994, United Fire Protection has been rewriting how commercial fire protection in Tampa is done. From Sulpher Springs to South Tampa, we deliver comprehensive commercial fire protection services and equipment, including fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, hydrostatic cylinder retesting, and more. Our highly trained team of professionals is skilled in all the latest industry technologies. You always receive prompt and efficient handling of all your commercial fire protection service needs, keeping people and property safe and protected from fire-related damage.

You can reduce fire-related dangers and damages to your Tampa, FL, commercial site. Contact United Fire Protection online or call us at (407) 218-8348 to learn how.

Why Up-To-Date Fire Protection Measures Matter for Tampa Commercial Businesses

Every commercial facility should have a fire prevention plan in place. Fires affect thousands of businesses each year, resulting in personal injury, building damage, and lost income opportunities. Best fire prevention practices for commercial facilities include:

  • Implementing a fire emergency evacuation plan.
  • Establishing a fire prevention plan.
  • Training team members in proper fire extinguisher use.
  • Maintaining emergency safeguards like emergency lighting systems and keeping all areas clear of fire hazards.
  • Creating a fire emergency response team.
  • Practicing preventative maintenance of all fire prevention equipment.

With these guidelines in place, you ensure your facility and employees are prepared for any fire emergency and can react safely and correctly.

Fire Extinguisher Services in Tampa, FL

Often the first line of defense in a fire emergency, fire extinguishers are essential for any facility. They help reduce fire damage, save lives, and ensure everyone inside can safely exit the building. United Fire Protection is Tampa’s foremost provider of fire extinguishers and related services, including fire extinguisher installation, fire extinguisher inspection and testing, and fire extinguisher training, ensuring your facility’s overall safety and keeping it compliant with state and federal fire codes and regulations.

To learn more about all our fire extinguisher services in Tampa, FL, contact United Fire Protection online or call us at (407) 218-8348.

Fire Suppression Services in Tampa

Water-fed fire sprinklers are not appropriate for extinguishing every commercial fire. Fire suppression systems use water or chemicals to extinguish developing flames. From commercial kitchen hoods to discharge-based sprinkler heads, fire suppression equipment relies on the latest technologies to perform its job adequately. United Fire Protection installs, inspects, maintains, repairs, and recharges various fire suppression systems in commercial facilities across Central Florida, including apartment complexes, restaurants, aircraft hangars, cruise ships, and more. And our in-house electrical team lets you avoid contracting out the electrical portion of fire suppression installation.

We always assess your building’s or facility’s unique needs before recommending a fire suppression system that complies with Florida’s Fire Prevention Code and is best suited to protecting your business assets.

To learn more about the fire suppression services we provide in Tampa, FL, contact United Fire Protection online or call us at (407) 218-8348.

Why Choose United Fire Protection?

For nearly 30 years, United Fire Protection has dedicated itself to ensuring your employees, property, and other valuable business assets are protected from the dangers of a commercial fire. We provide fire protection services for major companies throughout Central Florida, and our customer-first reputation reflects our commitment to ensuring your facility stays protected from fire-related damages while meeting local, state, and federal fire safety codes.

Ready to learn more about the benefits of choosing United Fire Protection for all your commercial fire protection service needs? Contact us online or call us at (407) 218-8348.

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