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Fire Protection Company in Longwood, FL

Located in Seminole County, Longwood, FL, offers a relaxed suburban feel and welcoming atmosphere. Residents range from retirees to young professionals, and most own their own homes. Many commercial businesses thrive here, and to keep it that way, they rely on United Fire Protection.

We’ve been in the business of fire protection since 1994. We’ll work with you to create customized fire prevention and suppression plan that targets your facility’s needs.

Choose United Fire Protection for your fire protection solutions. Call (407) 218-8348 or contact us online today!

Why Up-to-Date Fire Protection Measures Are Crucial for Longwood, FL Commercial Businesses

All commercial businesses in Longwood and across Florida are responsible for protecting their customers, employees, tenants, property, and anything else that enters their place of business. United Fire Protection delivers practical solutions to help commercial businesses do this through fire risk reduction.

If you operate a restaurant or commercial kitchen, you already identify fire protection as an essential service covering your industry’s inherent fire risks. However, many Longwood businesses believe that having a smoke detector and not using obviously flammable materials like petroleum means they don’t need fire protection services. This is a dangerous misunderstanding.

From 2010 to 2015, approximately 109,000 annual apartment complex fires injured over 4,000 people, killed over 400, and cost over $1.3 million. Between 2009 and 2015, mercantile and retail stores experienced approximately 13,000 annual fires with 300 injuries, 12 fatalities, and over $600 million in property damage.

Prevent tragedies like these with United Fire Protection. Call about our fire prevention services or contact us online!

Fire Extinguisher Services in Longwood, FL

The best way to ensure small fires at your facility are extinguished before anyone gets hurt is to stock fire extinguishers and provide employees with fire extinguisher training. This on-site training gives employees the knowledge, capabilities, and confidence to take calm, correct action in response to fires.

United Fire Protection can provide that training, plus other essential fire extinguisher services, including:

  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Testing: The Florida Fire Prevention Code requires annual fire extinguisher inspections. Our properly licensed fire protection contractors are qualified to perform these inspections and the six- and 12-year maintenance and hydrostatic testing necessary for certain fire extinguishers.
  • Fire Extinguisher Recharge: During testing or after using a fire extinguisher to put out a fire, United Fire Protection will recharge or refill your fire extinguisher canisters.
  • Fire Extinguisher Certification Tags: To keep your business code compliant, we’ll label your fire extinguishers with certification tags listing the inspection, testing, and recharging services performed.

Call us at (407) 218-8348, or contact us online to discuss fire extinguisher services for your commercial business.

Fire Suppression Services in Longwood, FL

Most businesses have certain critical or irreplaceable items on premises that they cannot operate without. Some work in high fire risk buildings or perform services involving fire or flammable materials. Fire suppression services such as the following are essential for these Longwood businesses:

Schedule a fire suppression installation for your business by calling (407) 218-8348 or contacting us online today!

Why Choose United Fire Protection?

For nearly three decades, United Fire Protection has shielded commercial businesses from the ruin of fire damage. Our family-owned and -operated company serves happy clients in Longwood, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Lake Mary, Winter Springs, Orange City, Casselberry, Deltona, Kissimmee, Tampa, and more. Across the Sunshine State, we help commercial enterprises like yours feel confident that their professional interests and those who count on them are protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call United Fire Protection at (407) 218-8348 or contact us online today!


Will I also need to pay an electrician to help install my new fire suppression system?

Absolutely not! We have expert in-house electricians to install, maintain, and repair our fire suppression systems. United Fire Protection will fulfill all electrical services for your installation.

I have deaf and hard-of-hearing employees who won’t hear a standard fire alarm. Do you offer anything to protect them?

Yes. We offer accessible smoke alarm systems to keep everyone in your facility safe. In addition to the usual loud noises, these smoke alarms utilize a strobe light to alert deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. Other accessible fire protection services include vibration alerts and specialized emergency and exit lighting.

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