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Fire Suppression for Restaurants in Orlando & Central Florida

As a restaurant owner, your number one priority should be protecting your customers, employees, equipment, and building from the ravages of fire. Estimates from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) state that over 7,400 fires break out in eating and drinking establishments each year in the U.S. On average, these incidents kill three civilians, injure over 100 others, and cause $165 million in property damage annually.

By understanding your risks and installing the appropriate fire protection systems, you can reduce the chance of a fire emergency and keep your people and property safe in the process.

Turn to United Fire Protection for restaurant fire suppression in the Orlando metro area. Call us today at (407) 218-8348 or contact us online to learn more.

Fire Safety Risks in Restaurants

From the hot flames to the grease hood, the restaurant industry has a higher risk of fire than ordinary commercial buildings. Consider the top causes of restaurant fires as stated in the NFPA’s report on structure fires in eating and drinking establishments:

Cooking Equipment

There’s no doubt about it—the commercial kitchen is by far the most significant fire hazard in any restaurant. The vast majority of restaurant fires (61%) start here, and they also cause the most property damage (38%). High temperatures, open flames, flammable cooking oil, and the hectic nature of a commercial kitchen all combine to make the perfect conditions for a fire to ignite.

Deep fryers are to blame for 21% of restaurant fires, making them the single most likely source of a blaze. Ranges and cooktops are the second most likely culprits, responsible for a combined 14% of fires.

While nearly two-thirds of blazes break out in the kitchen, this isn’t the only fire risk in your restaurant. Other possible sources of ignition include:

  • Electrical and lighting equipment (9%)
  • Heating equipment (9%)
  • Smoking materials (7%)
  • Arson (4%)

Our Fire Protection Services for Restaurants

If you’re serious about reducing your restaurant’s fire risk, consider installing each of these fire protection systems in your Central Florida business:

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression

Wet chemical fire suppression is the key to smothering cooking fires and preventing re-ignition. We can design a system to meet your needs, as well as repair, inspect, test, and recharge your equipment.

Fire Extinguishers

Most restaurants need two types of fire extinguishers on the premises:

Portable fire extinguishers put the firefighting power in the hands of your employees to decrease the spread of fire and damage throughout your building. United Fire Protection sizes, installs, inspects, maintains, and refills extinguishers. We even offer training courses to ensure your employees are equipped to handle a fire emergency.

Emergency & Exit Lighting

If a power outage plunges your restaurant into darkness, employees and patrons are likely to panic. Keep the atmosphere calm so an orderly evacuation can take place—install and maintain illuminated exit signs and emergency lighting.

Contact Our Fire Protection Company in Orlando, FL

Whether you need to install a single fire protection system, repair your existing equipment, or overhaul your entire restaurant, United Fire Protection can help. We have over 20 years of experience in delivering top-notch solutions to our customers in Central Florida. Whether you have a concern about your kitchen exhaust fan or older stovetop and its range hood, we follow local and national fire codes to maximize the safety and compliance of your establishment.

To learn more about the fire protection services we offer restaurant owners, or to schedule an estimate, please contact United Fire Protection.

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