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Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens Fire Suppression Services in Tampa, FL

With the frequent use of fuel-burning appliances, high heat, and flames, restaurants and commercial kitchens are at high risk of fire, and they need reliable, efficient fire suppression systems and services.  

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According to the National Restaurant Association, each year an average of 8,000 restaurants across the country report a fire, with property damages in excess of $246 million dollars. Kitchen fire suppression equipment is vital to the health and safety of your staff, customers, and property, and when used in conjunction with ongoing training and cleaning procedures, it can help to significantly reduce your risk of loss or injury due to fire. Common fire safety risks in restaurants and commercial kitchens include:


Grease can quickly accumulate on surfaces throughout your restaurant or commercial kitchen, including exhaust hoods, walls, floors, work surfaces, vents, and more. Due to grease’s highly flammable nature, it is imperative that you establish clear guidelines for routine, daily cleaning to reduce this risk. 

Grease Traps

Grease traps should be inspected each month and cleaned at least every three months or more for busier establishments. In order to meet the standards put forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), your establishment must undergo regular, professional cleaning and inspection of your grease traps and vent hoods to maintain compliance. 

Hood Filters 

An exhaust hood is an effective tool to help eliminate smoke, gases, cooking odors, and excess grease from your kitchen, but if the filters become clogged due to neglect, they can lose efficiency and quickly become a fire and safety hazard. 

Electrical Wiring 

Faulty equipment or worn or damaged wiring can result in a fire. Wiring should be routinely inspected and repaired or replaced as needed. 

Open Flames

In close proximity to residual grease or other flammable substances, open flames can quickly ignite and spread throughout your commercial kitchen. Kitchen staff should be skilled at controlling open flames and receive fire suppression training in the event that flames get out of hand. 


Packagings, such as boxes, bags, and other materials, can become a barrier or trip hazard during the evacuation process, but they may also ignite or add fuel to an ongoing fire. Establish procedures for unpacking and storing food service items to eliminate clutter. 


Loose clothing and kitchen linens may ignite in close proximity to flames and should be avoided in the cooking area. Establish guidelines for hair and clothing to enhance safety.  


Reduce the risks associated with commercial kitchen fires with our comprehensive fire protection services:


The team of skilled professionals at United Fire Protection has been providing top-quality fire suppression products and services to commercial properties throughout the Tampa area, including restaurants and commercial kitchens, since 1994. Our company is family-owned and -operated, and we take pride in our exceptional customer service and longstanding client relationships. 

Call (407) 218-8348 for professional fire suppression services in the Tampa area or contact us online to schedule an estimate today! 

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