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Hospital Fire Suppression in Tampa and Orlando, FL

As a hospital administrator, you naturally consider safety to be paramount for patients, medical personnel, and visitors to your buildings. As expert consultants and providers of fire suppression equipment, United Fire Suppression can help you maintain a consistently safe medical environment — so that you’re free to focus on your urgent health care responsibilities.

United Fire Suppression is a complete fire protection company, ready to provide customized fire protection solutions for your facility. Our specialized team offers fire suppression system installation, testing, maintenance, code compliance, and repair to keep people and property safe in case of fire.

From 2010 to 2015, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that fire departments responded to approximately 6,000 structure fires at health care properties each year. The fires occurred at hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, mental health centers, medical clinics, and doctors’ offices across the country. Unfortunately, there were nearly 160 injuries and two deaths per fire occurrence each year, on average, with over $50 million in annual property damage.

Make sure your medical facility or hospital is protected in case of fire. Schedule a hospital fire suppression consultation for your Tampa-area facility with United Fire Protection. Call (407) 218-8348 or contact us online today!

Fire Safety Risks in Hospitals and Medical Settings

The NFPA’s top causes of hospital- and medical-related fires include:

  • Cooking – Two-thirds of all medical facility fires involved cooking equipment in cafeterias, break rooms, and on-site kitchens.
  • Electrical – Electrical panels and lighting fixtures caused about 6% of fires that occurred in health care settings.
  • Heating – Hospital HVAC systems and/or additional heating equipment or furnaces providing heat to patient rooms, medical offices, nursing homes, and more were responsible for about 5% of fires.
  • Smoking – Smokers and smoking materials caused about 5% of fires.
  • Intentionally set – Sadly, it appears that about 6% of hospital and medical facility fires were set on purpose.

Of all these fires, only 4% spread further than the original room where the fire began. You can minimize this figure even further with proper fire suppression systems, put in place by the specialized team at United Fire Protection.

Contact us today to maintain, repair, or upgrade your medical fire suppression system.

Our Fire Suppression and Protection Services for Tampa-Area Hospitals and Medical Buildings

Our medical industry-specific, customized fire protection products and services include:

  • Fire extinguishers:  We can mount and test fire extinguishers in hallways/rooms for emergency use. We have special Class K fire extinguishers for kitchen areas.
  • Fire suppression: Our well-engineered fire suppression systems meet the needs of most medical facilities, and we can customize your system. We offer wet and/or dry chemical, clean agents, fire suppression electrical services, and more to help protect data centers and computers and other tailored solutions.
  • Evacuation route planning: We can assess the existing evacuation paths at your facility–and help you create or update your building evacuation plan.
  • Exit lighting: If building evacuation is ever needed, for any reason, we’ll prepare the way, ensuring that patients and staff can escape safely with emergency backup lighting, lighted exit signage, and more.
  • Extinguisher training: We also provide fire suppression training, so that your staff is ready to respond to minimize potential harm from a hospital fire.
  • And more.

Equip your hospital with the best possible fire protection system from the experts at United Fire Protection, serving medical centers throughout Central Florida.

Fire Protection Company for Hospitals in Orlando

When you partner with United Fire Protection, we provide a comprehensive fire suppression system, tailored to your facility’s specific needs. We’ll banish your concerns about fire safety and code compliance for your medical center or doctors’ offices. 

Let our skilled team install and maintain your medical fire suppression system in the Tampa area. Learn more or schedule an estimate by contacting United Fire Protection today.

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