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Data Center Fire Protection Services in Tampa, FL

When it comes to fire safety, data centers often require special attention. Not only do data centers present unique fire safety risks, but the damage caused during a fire event can extend far beyond damaged equipment. Fire damage in data centers can lead to lost files or corrupted business information, negatively impacting a business’s bottom line long after the fire has been extinguished.

At United Fire Protection, our team of fire safety technicians understands the unique requirements for protecting data centers from catastrophic fire damage. Our team will assess your data center and make an expert recommendation for keeping your systems protected in case of a fire event. Contact us to get the fire protection services you need for your data center today.

Fire Safety Risks in Data Centers

As aforementioned, data centers present unique fire safety risks that require protective equipment to mitigate flame damage. The following are just some of the safety risks most commonly seen in data centers:

  • Wires & Cables: While wires don’t carry a risk alone, the true risk lies in power cables: If these cables are faulty, they could spark and ignite a fire.
  • HVAC Equipment: Due to the motors, electrical components, and refrigerants present in heating and cooling equipment, these systems can easily contribute to a fire event — especially when not properly maintained.
  • Aeration Spaces: Data centers are usually constructed with raised floors and suspended ceilings, making them more enclosed. This makes it more difficult to identify when a fire event breaks out.
  • Combustible Materials: Things like cardboard boxes, paperwork, and other combustible items should be kept far away from data centers, as they can easily spark and exacerbate a fire event once lit.

While it may not be entirely possible to eliminate all of the fire safety risks in your Tampa data center, you can still achieve a higher quality of fire safety by enlisting the help of United Fire Protection. Our team will outfit your data center with the appropriate fire protection equipment to help mitigate the risks associated with a fire event in your building. Contact us to get started today!

Our Fire Protection Services for Tampa’s Data Centers

At United Fire Protection, our team works hard to provide exceptional fire protection equipment for Tampa’s data centers. Our team proudly offers the following fire protection services throughout the Tampa area:

  • Fire Extinguishers: We’ll ensure your data center is outfitted with fire extinguishers specifically designed to combat electrical fires. Our team will mount a Class C fire extinguisher in a convenient and prominent location so your data center employees have easy access to it.
  • Fire Suppression: Our advanced industrial fire suppression systems come complete with customizable designs specifically tailored to the needs of your data center. Select from wet chemical, dry chemical, clean agents, and more to protect the integrity of your data center computers and electrical equipment.
  • Emergency & Egress Lighting: Guide your employees to safety during a power outage with illuminated exit signs and emergency backup lighting provided by our expert team.
  • Evacuation Routing: With our help, we’ll ensure your evacuation plans are prominently displayed and optimized for the highest level of safety for your data center employees.

United Fire Protection for Tampa’s Data Centers

Nothing is more important than your safety during a fire event. At United Fire Protection, we help ensure you, your employees, and your data center equipment stays protected in case of an emergency. For the highest-quality fire protection services in Tampa, contact United Fire Protection to get the fire protection equipment your data center needs!

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