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Fire Suppression Systems & Services in Central Florida

Your business might rely on special tools for daily operations, from commercial cooking equipment in the kitchen to sensitive gear in your paint booth. In the case of commercial kitchens, the very equipment you want to protect poses a fire hazard every time you use it. Other machines are so delicate that water from ordinary fire sprinklers would cause just as much damage as flames and smoke.

Fortunately, United Fire Protection is here to help! We install, inspect, maintain, repair, and recharge fire suppression systems in businesses across Central Florida, including:

If you need help protecting your most sensitive equipment from fires in Orlando and the surrounding areas, please call us at (407) 218-8348 today to request a free service estimate.

Fire Suppression Installation

We install fire suppression systems in accordance with the Florida Fire Prevention Code and insurance regulations. Proper fire suppression installation requires specialized knowledge and expertise, which is why our fire suppression installation team also includes a licensed electrician.

Instead of contracting out the electrical portion of the installation like many others in our industry, the United Fire Protection team can complete the installation from beginning to end. Involving an electrician with specialized fire protection experience helps ensure your fire suppression system’s electrical components are installed correctly the first time.

The types of systems we install include:

UL 300 wet chemical fire suppression systems: In 1994, Underwriters Laboratories unveiled a new standard called UL 300. The purpose of this standard was to address changes in commercial kitchen hazards, including the switch from lard to vegetable oils and the rollout of more efficient deep fryers. This standard still applies today. United Fire Protection installs UL 300-compliant wet chemical fire suppression systems in commercial kitchens located in restaurants, hotels, hospital and school cafeterias, and banquet facilities.

wet chemical fire suppression systems

Industrial dry chemical fire suppression systems: Dry chemicals that were once standard in commercial kitchens are still common in storage facilities, paint booths, dip tanks, and other applications. The chemicals used in these systems may include monoammonium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, or potassium bicarbonate. Dry chemical fire suppression is suitable for extinguishing Class A (ordinary) fires, Class B (flammable liquid) fires, and Class C (electrical) fires.

Industrial dry chemical fire suppression systems

Need to schedule fire suppression installation for your Central Florida building? Call us today at (407) 218-8348. We offer services in Altamonte Springs and Winter Park. 

Fire Suppression Inspections & Maintenance

To keep your kitchen, storage facility, or paint booth current with Florida fire code standards, you must have your fire suppression system inspected semiannually by a Florida state licensed technician. Fire suppression cylinders also require six- or 12-year maintenance, depending on the type of system you have installed.

United Fire Protection can keep your system certified and current with thorough inspections every six months. Our maintenance service also gives you peace of mind, knowing that your building and the assets inside are safe from the damaging effects of fire and smoke. An inspection from one of our knowledgeable technicians includes:

  • Replacing fusible links
  • Confirming cylinder pressures
  • Verifying shutdown and evacuation circuits
  • Testing releasing circuits during a simulated discharge
  • Inspecting pipes and nozzles
  • Verifying hydro test dates for cylinders and hoses
  • And more!

To schedule fire suppression maintenance and testing in Kissimmee and Oviedo, contact United Fire Protection at (407) 218-8348 today.

Fire Suppression Repair & Recharge

We understand that your sensitive assets are a fundamental part of running your business. When your fire suppression system goes down, you’re at risk of losing valuable and critical equipment in a fire.

At United Fire Protection, we have experienced fire protection electricians available to complete repairs. They can repair exhaust fans, make-up air fans, hood controls, microswitches, electrical outlets, and more. With their specialized knowledge of fire suppression systems, you can be confident they will complete the repairs properly the first time.

Fortunately, United Fire Protection also has 24-hour on-call emergency service to get your fire suppression system back up and running when you need it most.

If your suppression system stops working or requires a gas reset and recharge after a fire, please call us at (407) 218-8348 for the emergency repair you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

fire suppression system is used when water would damage property or would not properly contain a fire. Suppression systems discharge specific chemicals or gases to smother the fire and prevent damage.

Per Florida Fire Prevention Code and insurance regulations, United Fire Protection installs UL 300 wet chemical fire suppression systems for the protection of commercial cooking outlets such as restaurants, hotel kitchens, hospital and school cafeterias, and banquet facilities.

United Fire Protection also installs industrial dry chemical fire suppression systems for the protection of paint booths or mixing rooms.

An automatic fire suppression system is ideal to provide a quick response and protect property or equipment in your building. Some of the types of businesses that use fire suppression systems are:

Depending on the type of fire suppression system and the building it is in, semiannual or annual maintenance and testing are required.

Fire suppression cylinders also require six- or 12-year maintenance, depending on the type of system.

Schedule Fire Suppression Services in Orlando

Whether you’re opening a new apartment complex in Central Florida or you need to schedule an inspection for the fire suppression system in your Orlando paint booth, United Fire Protection is here for you. We have been installing and servicing fire suppression systems since 1994. Let us help keep your business safe by performing the fire protection services you need!

To learn more about your fire suppression options, or to schedule services, please call United Fire Protection at (407) 218-8348 or contact us online today.

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