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Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

Wheeled fire extinguishers provide the mobility and speed you need to protect your business facility―and the people and property within it. United Fire Protection brings you all the fire suppression products, training, repair, and maintenance services your Central Florida company needs. We’re here to help you enjoy the business continuity and peace of mind that come with proper fire safety preparation. 

Protect your business with wheeled fire extinguishers. Contact the experts at United Fire Protection at (407) 218-8348 today.

Advantages of Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

Here are some crucial benefits to using these portable, wheeled fire extinguishers:

User-friendly: Can be used safely and effectively by anyone to quickly douse a fire, with training provided by our expert team.

Flexible solution: Suitable for multiple industries and business sizes. Our team can recommend the best products to meet your business’s unique needs.

High performance: Wheeled extinguishers offer larger capacity and capability. They hold more extinguishing agent and provide high flow rates, with longer ranges and discharge times.

Self-expelling for ease of use: With the valve opened, and pointed properly, interior pressure “automatically” forces the fire suppression material into the fire. Little physical strength is required to use this device.

Stored pressure as propellant: Effective, affordable design allows the extinguisher to quickly and forcibly expel suppressant chemicals.

Quick recharge to outlast the fire: Extinguisher “recharges” itself to meet your needs, with internal pressure transfer from separate interior cylinders for expellant and extinguishing agent. (Maintenance and/or complete recharge is still required by our team after use.)

For wheeled fire extinguisher services in Orlando, call (407) 218-8348 or contact us online today!

Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Installation, Recharge & Repair

Our full line of quality brand products and complete fire protection services offer the support you need to use your wheeled extinguishers effectively, including:

  • Wheeled fire extinguisher training
  • Wheeled fire extinguisher installation
  • Wheeled fire extinguishers inspection/testing
  • Wheeled fire extinguisher recharge
  • Wheeled fire extinguisher certification tags

Emergency Fire Extinguisher Services in Central Florida

We’re here for you, 24/7/365! If you notice low pressure readings or product damage during your monthly inspection, call us immediately for repairs or replacement!

Call Today for Sales & Installation

Over the past 20 years, Central Florida businesses have trusted United Fire Protection for fire suppression products and all related services.

Protect your business with wheeled fire extinguishers and related services. Call (407) 218-8348 or contact us online now!

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