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Fire Extinguisher Brackets

Fire Extinguisher Installation

Fire extinguishers save lives and protect property from catastrophic damage. While many business owners and property managers understand the importance of having fire extinguishers, proper fire extinguisher installation is often overlooked. When moments matter, this critical detail can make all the difference between averting disaster and explaining an oversight. 

At United Fire Protection, we offer numerous fire extinguisher brackets that are easily installed within structures and vehicles. Our brackets secure the extinguisher so that it won’t roll around or fall down. Once installed, our brackets ensure your fire extinguisher won’t suffer damage that will render the device useless. Moreover, ensuring that the extinguisher is properly secured to the wall will make it an easily recognizable fixture that employees, residents, or customers can easily see and access.

Contact United Fire Protection at (407) 218-8348 for more information about the importance of properly securing your fire extinguishers within your business, service vehicles, boats, and more.

Brackets Are the Best Choice for Fire Extinguishers

Fires spread quickly, and moments matter as the flames start to rise. While you can store a fire extinguisher in a cabinet, glove box, toolbox, etc., removing a filled extinguisher from these spaces adds to the time it takes to extinguish a fire. Conversely, removing a fire extinguisher within a bracket takes no time at all. You don’t spend time looking for it. You don’t spend time unlocking it. You don’t spend time “digging it out.” All you have to do is remove the strap, aim, and spray the fire away. 

Contact United Fire Protection at (407) 218-8348 to learn more about our fire extinguisher mounting brackets and the steps we take to ensure your brackets are installed in the optimal location. It’s our pleasure to help you identify the best solutions for your specific needs and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Extinguishers

How do you secure a fire extinguisher?

If you are installing a fire extinguisher within a vehicle or building, brackets or wall hooks are the best methods of securing a fire extinguisher. These allow for fast and easy retrieval of the device in an emergency while also helping to protect it from falls that can cause damage when not in use. 

How do you install a fire extinguisher bracket in a wall?

Brackets should be secured with screws sufficiently strong enough to bear the weight of the extinguisher. These can be either masonry, wood, or metal screws, depending on the composition of the wall. You should not use nails as these can loosen over time, nor should you use glue, caulk, or other material that can dry out or lose adhesive strength over time.  

What is the mounting height for a fire extinguisher?

Fire extinguisher brackets for regular-sized fire extinguishers should be placed 3-1/2 feet to 5 feet from the floor. Larger extinguishers should be mounted no higher than 3 feet from the floor.

Which fire extinguisher is best for all fires?

ABC fire extinguishers are designed to put out most fires, including wood, paper, gases, liquids, and electrical fires. These use monoammonium phosphate that is designed to smother the flame. However, if you have potentially combustible metals such as magnesium, lithium, or titanium, or cooking oils, a Class D or Class K extinguisher is a much better option.

Do you have more questions about fire extinguisher installation and safety? Contact our team at (407) 218-8348. For 25 years, our family-owned business has supplied businesses and properties around the country. It’s our pleasure to make you our next satisfied client. 

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