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Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

During an emergency, a portable fire extinguisher can often be heavy, unwieldy, and hard to aim effectively. Plus, it may not have the capacity or discharge time necessary for effective control for anything but the smallest fires. This is where a wheeled fire extinguisher can prove useful. With its larger capacity and easy-to-maneuver design, it can be far more effective in certain situations.

When you need to replace, recharge, or service a wheeled fire extinguisher at your commercial facility, turn to our experts at United Fire Protection. We have been serving Central Florida since 1994, including Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and the surrounding communities. We offer wheeled fire extinguisher services that range from service and inspections to new installations. Our company is skilled, certified, and equipped to help with all your commercial fire protection and life safety needs.

Do you need high-capacity, long-lasting fire extinguishers for your Florida business? Consider adding wheeled fire extinguishers. Call our experts today at (407) 218-8348 or contact us online to learn what products are available for your facility.

The Benefits of Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

All the fire extinguishers in the world will not save your business if they are too heavy or too hard to use in an emergency. By adding wheels and a higher capacity, wheeled fire extinguishers offer several advantages over hand-held models

  • Increased maneuverability – Wheeled fire extinguishers can be moved into place quickly by a single person and maneuvered easily for the greatest effectiveness.
  • Higher capacity – With a larger tank, more suppressants can be directed at the fire for longer, increasing your chances of extinguishing it.
  • Easier operation – With a flexible hose to dispense the suppressant, a wheeled fire extinguisher is easier to aim and control, increasing its effectiveness.
  • Greater safety – Between the long hose of a wheeled fire extinguisher and its increased power, the operator can stay further away from the fire for increased safety.

To learn more about the advantages of installing a wheeled fire extinguisher in your Orlando business, call (407) 218-8348 or contact us online.

Our Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Services in Central Florida

Whether you are just adding wheeled fire extinguishers to your facility, or you’ve had them for years, you can count on our team to keep them serviced, maintained, and ready for an emergency. At United Fire Protection, we offer comprehensive wheeled fire extinguisher services, including:

Contact us today or call (407) 218-8348 to learn more about our full selection of fire protection services in Orlando, St. Petersburg, and the surrounding areas.

Call Today for Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Services in Orlando & Tampa

When you need a qualified contractor to service, recharge, and repair your wheeled fire extinguishers in Central Florida, choose our experts at United Fire Protection. We service all brands, and we are equipped to handle any fire extinguisher problems you may encounter. We are a family-owned business with over 25 years of service, and we offer uncompromising quality and service.

Call us at (407) 218-8348 or contact us online to schedule fire extinguisher services in Orlando, Tampa, or the St. Petersburg area today.

Wheeled Fire Extinguisher FAQS

How do I operate a wheeled fire extinguisher?

Use the handle to tip the fire extinguisher and move it into position near the fire. Remove any fasteners that secure the hose, then unroll it. Pull the pin on the fire extinguisher, then pull the trigger or open the valve, aiming the suppressant towards the base of the fire in a sweeping motion, back and forth.

How often should my fire extinguishers be inspected?

At United Fire Protection, we recommend professional fire extinguisher inspections twice annually, in coordination with your regular fire protection inspections. Monthly inspections should also be performed by your own qualified staff.

What can causes fire extinguishers to lose pressure?

If the fire extinguisher has been partially discharged, it will show a fraction of its normal pressure. Leaks in hoses or valves can also cause a loss of pressure, as can corrosion in the tank.

What is hydrostatic testing?

During a hydrostatic test, a fire extinguisher is pressurized to slightly above normal operating pressures, and if it maintains that pressure, the fire extinguisher can be recertified and recharged.

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