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Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher Services in Orlando & Central Florida

Fire extinguishers offer an effective safety measure for your business, providing you with the means to halt small, potentially dangerous fires. Or in the case of an emergency fire, an extinguisher offers an effective means of safely extracting yourself, clients, and employees from the hazardous area. At United Fire Protection we are proud to offer local Central Florida clients with a wide range of extinguisher options, such as our dry chemical agent extinguisher systems.

For dry chemical fire extinguisher supply, service, and inspection in Orlando and Central Florida, contact United Fire Protection online or call (407) 218-8348!

Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers in Central Florida

Choosing the correct extinguisher for your specific needs is very important, as each class offers effective action against certain types of fire fuels or chemical/physical reactions. Dry chemical fire extinguishers are used to combat the chemical reaction of a fire by coating the material in an inert foam that blocks oxygen’s access to the fuel source. Dry chemical extinguishers are considered effective against A, B, and C class fires, with some dry chemical agents offering protection against class B and C fires only.

Understanding your protection needs ties directly into understanding fire classes, and what each class requires to extinguish or eliminate it. Dry chemical extinguishers are effective at handling:

  • Class A fires – Fires that consume or are sparked by standard combustibles such as wood, fabrics and papers, and common trash.
  • Class B fires – Fires that involve flammable liquids such as petroleum products, oils, solvents, and alcohols. Class B fires do not include cooking oils!
  • Class C fires – Also known as an “electrical fire,” class C fires include fires sparked by overcharged appliances and electrical tools.

At United Fire Protection we offer sales, installation, and service for all standardized dry chemical extinguishers, including:

  • Monoammonium phosphate – A multi-purpose extinguisher option, monoammonium phosphate is effective for smothering A, B, and C class fires.
  • Sodium bicarbonate – Sodium bicarbonate extinguishers are effective for B and C class fires, but are not effective for class A fires, as they do not prevent re-flashing.

Dry Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Refill

For your business to remain safe and fire-ready, extinguishers should be inspected on a strict and specific routine. Monthly pressure testing, as well as 6 and 12-month certification testing is necessary not only to keep you safe and prepared, but also to fulfill strict fire safety codes in the state of Florida!

At United Fire Protection we offer complete inspection and certification services, giving you access to the professional-level service and quality your business and clients deserve. Each service is documented with precision and care, ensuring you have all you need for effective recordkeeping.

Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers in Orlando and Greater Central Florida

Whether you’re an establishing business looking to become fire safe and ready, or a long-running local Orlando business in need of protection specialists that can meet your unique extinguisher needs, United Fire Protection is ready to help.

Contact us online today to learn more about our services, or dial (407) 218-8348 to speak with a fire protection specialist now!

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