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Class ABC Fire Extinguishers in Orlando & Central Florida

The inclusion of correct class fire extinguishers within your Orlando business provides proof against smaller fire incidents, and additionally offers a means of safe evacuation should fires get out of hand. At United Fire Protection our team takes pride in helping your business stay safe and well-guarded against all types and classes of fire, which is why we offer full services for class ABC fire extinguishers.

Whether you’re in need of sales and installations services, inspection and certification, or a refill service for your ABC extinguishers, our teams provide all of the solutions your business needs to stay prepared. With over 25 years of experience, we have the ideal products and solutions needed to keep your employees, clients, and assets safe!

When seeking ABC fire extinguishers, or other fire protection services in Orlando, call United Fire Protection at (407) 218-8348!

ABC Class Fire Extinguishers in Central Florida

ABC class extinguishers are also commonly known as “general purpose” extinguishers and are suitable for handling most common fire types. By using ammonium phosphate—a dry chemical agent—the extinguisher both smothers the flames and reduces heat, and also cuts off oxygen to the fuel material, helping to both avoid a flare-up that could lead to more fire, and for stopping the flames in the immediate vicinity.

Understanding what types of fire classes could threaten your business assists you in choosing the ideal solution for your needs. Class ABC extinguishers are suitable for stopping:

  • Class A fires – Class A involves fires related to the combustion of wood, cloth, paper, and standard non-metallic trash.
  • Class B fires – Class B addresses fires caused by liquid flammables including petroleum products, oils, solvents, and alcohols. Keep in mind that class B does not address cooking oils, which is considered a “class K” fire.
  • Class C fires – Class C deals with electrical fires or those started by a power tool or appliance.

ABC extinguishers are the set standard for through fire protection for most non-specialized businesses. At United Fire Protection we offer ABC extinguisher sales, installation, and mounting services to equip your business for safety in the event of a fire.

Class ABC Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Are your extinguishers up to date and effectively maintained? At United Fire Protection we offer complete annual maintenance and extinguisher recertification, helping you stay Florida state compliant as well as prepared for a fire-related emergency!

Each inspection service is comprehensive, including full documentation for your records. We also provide more thorough inspections and maintenance for older extinguisher systems, including recharge, refill, and testing!

ABC Fire Extinguisher Services in Orange County, FL

For fire safety and fire preparedness solutions in Orlando and the surrounding areas, United Fire Protection is your single-source for all of the products and services you need. We’ve been assisting local businesses since 1994, and with our trained and certified professionals on your side you’re certain to receive the care and attention your business warrants.

Connect with United Fire Protection in Orange County now when you call us at (407) 218-8348!

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