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Kitchen Hood Control Services in Central Florida

Fires in a restaurant or commercial kitchen can put staff and customers at risk while causing costly damage to the facility. A kitchen hood fire suppression system is essential to keep your business safe, and it requires a reliable control system to ensure it works when needed.

At United Fire Protection, we offer commercial kitchen hood control panel installation throughout Central Florida, as well as kitchen hood fire suppression system installation, service, and repairs. Our company has been serving Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and the surrounding areas since 1994, providing a full range of fire protection and safety services.

Contact us today to discuss your fire protection needs with our fire safety experts. Simply call (407) 218-8348 or complete our online form to schedule an appointment.

What Are Kitchen Hood Controls?

Kitchen hood controls dictate how a fire suppression range hood operates, both during normal operation and when it detects a fire. During normal operation, data from temperature, humidity, and smoke sensors are used to control make-up air and exhaust fan speeds so they can eliminate grease, remove excessive heat, and improve air quality. When a fire is detected, the system works to prevent its spread.

How Do Hood Controls Help to Protect Against Fires?

When a commercial hood control panel detects a fire, it can help to prevent its spread by:

  • Turning off the fresh air supply to deprive the fire of oxygen
  • Shutting off the gas supply to reduce the available fuel
  • Turning off electrical circuits to eliminate sources of ignition
  • Keeping the exhaust fan on to remove smoke, fumes, and grease
  • Deploying fire suppression chemicals, if necessary

To learn more about kitchen fire suppression systems for your restaurant, contact us today.

The Benefits of Kitchen Hood Controls

A properly installed commercial kitchen hood control panel can offer several benefits for your Central Florida business, including:

  • Energy savings – By effectively controlling heat and humidity in your commercial kitchen, you can reduce cooling costs in the summer and keep heating costs to a minimum in the winter.
  • Fire protection – Hood controls can protect against fires, injuries, and property damage.
  • Longer equipment life – Reducing temperature, humidity, and grease accumulations in the kitchen can extend the life of refrigeration systems, HVAC systems, ice machines, and other equipment.
  • Improved comfort – With lower temperatures and cleaner, quieter kitchen hood operation, your employees will be more comfortable and productive.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of our commercial hood controls.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Control Panel Installations in Central Florida

Keep your restaurant or commercial kitchen cooler, safer, and more comfortable with kitchen hood controls from our team at United Fire Protection. We offer commercial hood control panel installations for all types of commercial kitchen hoods, including:

  • Type I hoods – Designed to remove grease, heat, condensation, smoke, and cooking odors, Type I hoods are typically installed over stoves, ovens, griddles, deep fryers, grills, and other areas prone to grease accumulation.
  • Type II hoods – Designed primarily to remove steam, condensation, and heat, Type II kitchen hoods are ideal for use over coffee makers, microwaves, dishwashers, and other appliances that produce moisture.

Installing the commercial kitchen hood control box will usually take a few hours, though times can vary on the complexity of the electrical circuits, location, equipment type, and other factors.

Call Today for Kitchen Control Installations in Orlando & Central Florida

Do you need new kitchen hood controls? Choose our team at United Fire Protection for a cost-effective, professional installation.

Call (407) 218-8348 or contact us online to schedule kitchen hood control services today!

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