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Emergency Lighting Installation in Central Florida

If an emergency struck your building tomorrow and it became necessary to evacuate, would you feel confident that your employees and patrons could find their way out? It might be easy to see the exits during day-to-day operations, but if a blackout plunged your building into darkness, you could be in trouble.

It’s for this reason that the National Fire Protection Association has created rules and regulations for backup lighting in commercial buildings. NFPA 110, the Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems, covers installation, testing, and performance requirements for lighting systems designed to serve as a backup in case of electrical power failure.

Make sure your building is safe and code compliant by installing emergency lighting with help from United Fire Protection.

To learn more about our services, or to schedule emergency lighting installation in Central Florida, please contact us at 407-218-8348 today.

Considerations to Make When Installing Emergency Lighting

Whether you run a retail store, college campus, movie theater, restaurant, or another commercial building where customers come and go, federal and local fire codes most likely require you to have emergency lighting and exit signs. Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare for the installation.

Select the Proper Lights and Signage

Standard fixtures found in almost all emergency lighting systems include spotlights and illuminated, easy-to-read exit signs. You may also need more advanced features, such as rope lights to illuminate walkways and waterproof housings for wet locations. Specific emergency signage may also be required, such as plaques that identify fire doors and urge building occupants to take the stairs in case of a fire.

Choose a System and Battery Configuration

Different types of emergency lighting systems are available to meet the needs of various businesses. Here are your primary options:

  • Non-maintained emergency lighting systems stand alone and only activate when the main power is disrupted.
  • Maintained emergency lighting systems tie into your building’s main power supply to serve as day-to-day lighting. A battery line input allows the lights to remain on during a power outage.
  • Sustained emergency lighting systems have two sets of bulbs, one of which operates as your daily lighting. The other set runs on battery power during an emergency.
  • Self-contained battery backup systems have fixtures with their own batteries. These are inexpensive to install, but during testing, each light must be checked individually.
  • Central battery backup systems share a single power source in emergencies. Testing and maintenance are easy to perform with this setup, but the installation cost is higher. Central systems also require a dedicated room for batteries and charging equipment.

Select a Code-Compliant Design and Layout

Having the proper components is the first step. The next is to design a layout and install these components in the appropriate locations according to health and safety regulations. For instance, emergency exit signs must be visible from all rooms and hallways. If the nearest exit is hidden around a corner, a sign must specify where to go.

Schedule Emergency Lighting Inspections & Testing in Orlando

There are specific requirements and regulations for how often you must test your emergency lighting and signage. Make sure you are staying up to code by scheduling lighting inspections and testing with the United Fire Protection team.

Schedule Emergency Lighting Installation in Orlando

The regulations that apply to selecting and installing the proper lights and signage are complex and sometimes difficult to follow. There’s no reason to spend the time memorizing industry requirements when you can work with a knowledgeable company like United Fire Protection. We stay up-to-date with the latest federal and state codes so you don’t have to.

To learn more about emergency lights, or to schedule installation services, please call United Fire Protection at 407-218-8348 or contact us online. Our experience serving the Orlando metro area dates back to 1994.

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